Monday, July 7, 2014

Beary Salty

This May extra was all my idea!

I worked at the Coeur d'Alene Resort in housekeeping for about 8 months. The mini-bar in the rooms included these cute bear-shaped jars with gummy bears inside. They weren't eaten often, and the jars were left in the rooms even less often, but I managed to collect two of them before I left.

I don't remember exactly what inspired me to turn them into little rainbows. I initially thought I wanted to use sand, but mom suggested salt and food coloring instead, and I jumped at the idea.

I had fun pouring salt into bowls and trying to come up with a variety of colors. The order I poured them in was pretty much random, based on what color I thought would go nice next to the last one I put in.

Salt... salt EVERYWHERE. And SO much salt left over. The first pass, I screwed up, so now I have about 2 cups of colored salt, and another cup of white salt, sitting in containers on my counter. I'll use it up eventually, right?

They're a pretty solid weight. I thought they'd make cute book-ends.

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