Saturday, December 27, 2014

Double Challenge Trouble

As 2014 quickly draws to a close, Mom and I feel queasy leaving some of our monthly challenges unfinished. So, with an eye on efficiency and fun, we got together to nail down some of these projects.

This first completed project combines both our October beading challenge and our December wreath challenge. We really liked the look of this Hemmeli wreath and decided to duplicate it for ourselves.

From Vintage Revivals

The instructions were incredibly easy to follow. We used coffee stirrers rather than cocktail straws and 24 gauge wire rather than 30 gauge, and our Hemmeli wreaths turned out beautifully.

I'd like to use some black mini clothespins to put up some Polaroid-size photos.

Mom's a fan of the interesting shadow the sculptural wreath casts on the wall.

Lovely way to spend an hour and a half!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cave Digger

I saw a great piece about an artist, Ra Paulette, who spends his time building, sculpting, and creating art in caves. This is a detail shot from one of his caves.

This video is worth watching to learn more.