Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mystery Box 2 Challenge: Guest Toiletry Basket

As you've seen from previous posts, at the beginning of the year, I sent a box full of these mystery items to each of my daughters. I made one for myself as well.

It contained this note:

This challenge was difficult and I obviously missed my own deadline by a long shot! I had several ideas on how to use my items ... including turning the basket into a wig for my weekly photo challenge! But I finally decided to break my rule about "no more than $5.00" in order to get the project done. (Sorry girls!)

I started by using the glitter paper to line the bottom of the basket. Then I cut the string of party beads and hot glued them to the edge of the basket. It took a bit more than one strand. After that, I laid down a line of the glitter glue just under the inside edge of the basket as an accent.

I used the gold ribbon to tie a hand towel and washcloth together.

I used the glitter pipe cleaner to tie the toothbrush and toothpaste together.

I used half the white bias tape to tie the razor and shaving cream together.

Finally, I arranged all the toiletries in the basket, along with a bar of soap, some mouthwash, some shampoo, and some lotion.

I actually made two toiletry baskets - one for the guest room upstairs and another for the massage/meditation room downstairs. I had a spare basket from a gift Julie gave me for Christmas. I had enough glitter paper and beads and glitter glue for the basket edge. I added more gold ribbon from my stash. The only items I didn't use were a few beads, the purple paint, and the tissue paper. Don't be surprised if they show up in an upcoming challenge.