Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pokey Little Hearts

While wandering through boards on Pinterest, I came across these wonderful hearts made by poking a pin through paper. Oh! They caught my fancy!

So I grabbed some blank cards from my stash, my poking tool, and several heart-shaped cookie cutters and stamps.

 And I poked.

And I poked.

 And I poked. This last one is my favorite.

This is one of the simplest crafts I've done lately and oddly satisfying beyond what you'd imagine after poking paper for a few hours. Do click the images to see the detail and texture. 

Then, if you get the urge, SPLURGE!



Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome Home

The Fragrance of Home

A pretty bouquet was waiting for my hubby when he got home from his long weekend in Missoula.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Origami Heart

I found a tutorial on YouTube for making a heart from a folded paper square.
Here's the process.

A square of paper

Fold lengthwise

Fold widthwise

Fold bottom edge to middle fold

Turn over. Make an airplane fold.

Turn over. Fold in the sides.

Fold top corners to center

Fold top point to bottom point
keeping the center portions 3-D

Open up and flatten out the centers

Tuck the upper point into the pocket of the lower point

Fold outer corners in

Fold down top points. Turn over.

Completed Heart

The video was very easy to follow. Take a look:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Steam (He)art

When all four of us were together earlier this summer, we brainstormed ideas we could use for our group challenges. One idea that was raised was to make "steam art." In other words, act like a kid when a window gets all steamed up and draw pictures on the glass with your fingers.

After Jeanne took a shower, the mirror was all steamed up. So she and I started to play.

Vine in the Mist
It was really hard to get any sort of decent photo due to the strange lighting in the bathroom, not to mention the swiftly evaporating steam. But with a bit of photo manipulation (desaturate, increase contrast, find edges, soften, etc.), I was able to get this image.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Rock Hearts

I went into the woods with my new camera today and found another heart-shaped rock.

Heart Rock 2a

Then I played with the image in my photo editing program. This negative version is fun!

Heart Rock 2b