Friday, February 28, 2014

Star Light, Star Bright...

...Birch Star I See Tonight

So, it comes up in conversation that today is the last day of February, and the last day of our birch bark challenge. I've been so busy this month, I hadn't even thought about it. But since I missed last month's challenge, I wanted to try to do this one.

I jumped on the computer to see what I can come up with. I kept thinking, I wanted to do something practical, something I could actually use for some purpose later. I scanned the pintrest boards. Lots of candle holders... but I already have those from the tin can challenge. Finally, I just told myself, this isn't supposed to be a practical project, it's supposed to be fun

So I go locate my bark, to see what I have to work with. It's not white. I wasn't expecting that. But it has some neat colors, and interesting texture, and is warped in a wavy form. I decided I really wanted to do something that would preserve as much of this uniqueness as I could.

Thus, in the course of less than an hour, and with the help of some scissors, hot glue, and string, my star was born!

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