Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Birch Bark Challenge

Back in April 2012, Dale and I took a trip to Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada to celebrate our wedding anniversary. While there, we took a little hike on Zuckerman's Island along the Columbia River. We hunted a geocache, and enjoyed examining the unusual little Russian Orthodox Chapel that was built on the island back in 1935.

All along the trails among the evergreens were stands of birch trees. Many were fallen and many more had piles of white birch bark at their roots. Since we don't have a lot of birch in my neighborhood, I scavenged some of the bark knowing that it can be used in craft projects. My daughters and I divided up the birch bark later that year, but we haven't gotten around to presenting this challenge until now.

February's AuralArtists challenge is to use the birch bark to make any kind of craft project you wish. I have a Pinterest board where I've started to gather ideas on how the bark might be used. I think I may make a heart-shaped key fob or zipper pull. Or maybe I'll use my bark to make a Valentine gift. Once I begin, we'll see where the muse takes me.


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