Friday, June 7, 2013

Duck Tape Will Fix Anything!


(Yes, I spelled it DUCK on purpose ;)  )

This first beauty was both an idea from pintrest and a suggestion from mom. It's an old peanut container that I chopped the top off of to store my pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors (not pictured), and other necessities (you can see a small yellow screwdriver in the back).  

At first, I just had them dropped in there with some makeshift dividers. Mom's suggestion was that I grab old toiletpaper tubes to make individual compartments. Looks great, thanks mom!

This guy is a writing notebook mom gave me when I told her the one I'm using now is almost full. Yes, that's a stripe of normal duct tape, and no, it's not a rainbow color, but hey, it's my project, so what I say works, works, lol.

I've got plenty of rainbow duct tape left over, so I'll probably be doing more projects soon.

I swear I'll get that ornament challenge done sometime!

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