Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Viney Wrist

Sorry to be the last to post about my henna! I swear, it happened the exact same morning as everyone else's. I just got back from a being a wedding date for a friend on the Oregon coast, so all my thoughts lately have been geared toward that. Now I'm back and realized I needed to post my image.

As mentioned before, I've had henna done once before at a Renaissance fair in Pennsylvania. I've never done it at home, though I've always wanted to. When it was time to come up with a design, I knew I wanted it pretty small. I don't remember who started looking up images of tattoos online, but when Jodie and I saw this one, I knew it was what I wanted. 

Jodie did a great job adding it on to my left wrist. Why my wrist when everyone else went with an ankle? Unlike the rest of my family members, my choice of clothing on my legs doesn't actually change much with the seasons. I wear jeans a lot, especially since my job is in a dirty-ish environment and I want to stay a bit more professional than shorts. (Seriously, libraries are great but weird places where jeans count as day-to-day professional-ish attire.)

I love that it's a flower. There's not a great image of the sides, though it did go around the sides of my wrist some. Originally the sides were supposed to be kind of curly things with dots (see the left side of that picture). Unfortunately, we learned pretty quickly that henna on the wrist smears a bit easier than we'd like. Still, if you look at how the design altered itself over on the right, I love it. It looks like a branch with leaves!

My sister did a great job with this one. This picture was taken a week after the fact. Up until this past weekend with all the ocean and sun, the tattoo was still strong. Now, though, it's almost completely faded. Thank goodness I got a great pic while it was around!

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