Thursday, July 12, 2012

Golden Rod

Sometime, once upon a time ago, Julie gave us a wizarding wand challenge. Two-and-a-half months later, I finally got mine done.

Since I didn't have a hot-glue gun at the time, and then I bought the wrong size glue sticks, by the time I was done procrastinating and about ready to make my wand, it was time for a visit home.

My wand is different from everyone else's because I was allowed to use a real stick! Our dad had found a really cool stick he thought would make a good wand, and the other AuralArtists agreed that I could paint it up and use it as my wand.

It's approximately 12 1/2 inches long and made to resemble larch wood (my Pottermore wand). Unfortunately, there is no phoenix feather core. Oh well.

The designs were still done using hot glue. The handle got a criss-cross pattern, and the rest of it was just sort of haphazardly dripped on. My family says it looks just like me: unplanned, spontaneous, and a little reckless.

It may not look so impressive at first, but the real charm is when you see it up-close. All the natural wood fibers and knots and cracks give my wand all sorts of character.

I honestly wasn't too thrilled with the wand-making idea at first. It sounded fun, but I didn't know what I would do with it after it was done. Now, though, I'm very glad I made it, because even though I still don't know what to do with it, I love it to bits.

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