Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Leg, Another Phoenix

Quite some time ago, a friend sent me a poem about a phoenix. Since then, I seem to be attracted to them. I wrote my own phoenix poem about my (then current) life burning up due to a mental health scare, and rising to a new life: Chapter Three, we call it. 

Chapter One = growing up
Chapter Two = raising a family
Chapter Three = fulfilling my destiny with my husband at my side.

Over a year ago I found this image on the interwebs:
I fell in love with it, and have it on my computer desktop. When we decided to give each other henna tattoos, I brought out this image -- even before Jeanne showed us her wildfire! Like mother, like daughter. Yes?

Jodie said she could use this image as inspiration, and drew her version on my left calf.
I like that her tail is composed of hearts.

After all of us finished with our main tattoos, there was a bit of henna left over. So Julie gave me another heart on my upper arm right on top of my birthmark. 
 Now I not only wear my heart on my sleeve. I wear my heart under my sleeve as well!


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