Friday, June 27, 2014

Don't Rule Me Out

I'm calling this "Shrink Plastic Challenge - Part 1"

Life is busy right now. My husband and I are redoing all the carpeting and painting in the house. Things are torn up pretty well, and soon I need to pack up my Studio. So I thought I'd try and do a little Shrink Art project while I still had a workspace.

So I made a shrink art ruler ... of sorts. I wanted to make a gauge to learn how much the matte plastic I have would shrink and how the shrinking would affect the colors of Sharpie that I have. I also used two different sizes of hole punches to see the size of the holes once the plastic shrank. I started with an 11 inch length, divided into one inch lengths.

Now that I know how this plastic will shrink, I can decide how big I need to make my "real" project before shrinking it. I hope to get to "Part 2" before the end of July.

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