Monday, June 2, 2014

Blow Me Some Love

I met Jodie in Hood River, Oregon over Mother's Day weekend. We had a great time hanging out together, geocaching, and exploring the area. On one of our jaunts, we saw a sign pointing to a glass art garden. We were intrigued, so followed our bliss to see what we could find.

We came upon a glass-blowing art studio. Outside was a flower garden sprinkled with many beautiful glass-blown art objects. Inside was a showroom of finished products, and the glass-blowing studio. We went into the studio to watch the artist at work. Some tourists had just finished making some glass flowers and were very excited about it. Jodie and I looked at each other, then decided to jump in and blow glass, too. We had the perfect "excuse." We could blow a glass vase for our May Challenge.

First we got to choose the colors. I picked some reds and whites that mimicked a glass heart that I saw in the gallery. Then the artist set to work. Our job in the process was to blow into a tube to fill the molten glass with an air bubble. It was really fun watching the artist work.

After the vase was formed, it sat overnight in a kiln to cool and cure. We picked up our artwork the next day.

So pretty! My vase made it home in one piece and I set it on my dresser overnight. Unfortunately, the next morning it developed this big crack. :: sigh ::

Luckily, I bought one of the glass hearts and it's in one piece. The vase may be cracked, but the memory of making it with Jodie over Mother's Day remains intact.


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