Saturday, May 31, 2014

Glitter and Light

Jeanne and I got together one day to create this month's challenge project. I rummaged around in my closets and found a small vase that I didn't use very often and a pair of votive candle holders ... one had a chip in the glass and the other had an partially used candle stuck in tight. I cleaned them up and took them to my studio.

I wasn't feeling very inspired, so it took a while to get started. I finally pulled down my box of lace and started auditioning various laces on the candle holders. I settled on this simple double-sided flat cotton lace. Cut to length, I simply hot glued it in place.

Then I turned to the glass vase. I decided to cover the bottom of the vase with Mod Podge and glitter. Then I found some gold-beaded, white cording to wrap the center of the vase, covering the transition from the glitter to the clear glass. The gold beads on the cording inspired me to dig out my beads. I found some gold beads the same size as those on the cording, and hot glued them to the lace flower centers on the candle holders.

Last tulip of the season

A matched set!

They make for a nice moody setting.


The candle holders were inspired by some I saw on Pinterest,
originally pinned from Martha Stewart Weddings

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