Sunday, May 4, 2014

2014 Family Ornaments

In the week between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve last year, Jodie and I had some fun coming up with the 2014 monthly challenges for AuralArtists and doing some crafting in my Studio. Since we were still in the Christmas Spirit at the time, we decided to make the family ornaments for this year. We found an idea on Pinterest that we liked, so bought some supplies and set to work.

We started by giving the styrofoam balls an undercoat of paint. 

We poked some holes in a shoe box with bbq skewers, and poked the balls on the other end. That made for a pretty good drying rack.

Then we took some time to separate the various shades of sequins, metallic confetti, and pin heads into separate piles.

The actual job of pinning the sequins to the balls is easy enough, but gosh, does it hurt your fingers after a while! I finally pulled out some leather thimble pads that I use when stitching. That helped ease the finger pain and made the job go much more quickly. You can see the pad on Jodie's thumb.

We made six distinct ornaments. Blue flowers for Jeanne.

Red with white polka dots for Jodie.

Silver and blue snowflakes for Dale.

Pink and purple flowers for Margaret.

Gold snowflakes and red flowers for Julie - the colors of Gryffindor! 

And a colorful spiral for Jodie's boyfriend Ken.

We finished them up with a coordinating ribbon loop and matching bow. Oh, how they sparkle and shine!




Inspiration from Tiny White Daisies:

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