Sunday, April 8, 2012

Looking After Her Chicks

Mama Quail has joined her chicks. She's constantly looking over her shoulder, making sure they're OK, urging them on, leading the way, laughing at their antics, showing her pride in their new skills.

My birdie is purple, in honor of my mentor, Flylady. Through her example, I've become a much better mother. My head plume is red for I've always wished I had thick red hair like my sister Eleanore. My body is fabric, because my first artistic love was sewing garments. And because another passion is needlework, I'm outlined in embroidery. I wear my Canon camera around my neck, because I enjoy exploring the details of my world through photography. I wear my heart on my sleeve -- er, wing -- because ... well, because I DO ... plus, my theme for this blog is hearts.

The four of us are looking forward to sharing our love of the arts and collaborating together in this digital endeavor. So glad you've decided to follow us on our Adventure.

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