Friday, April 13, 2012

Hearts of Bleach

Jodie and I worked on our bleach pen challenge together when she was visiting over Spring Break. We each had a bleach pen ... but they weren't the same kind. As we worked, Jodie's shirt started changing color right away. Mine? Not so much. That's when we looked closely and saw that her pen said "for whites" on it; mine did not. Once we figured that out, I used Jodie's pen on my shirt and it started bleaching out right away. You can see the change happening on the small heart at the bottom of the shirt.

The instructions we used recommended putting wax paper in the shirt to keep the bleach from bleeding through to the back of the shirt. I've got wax paper in my sleeve here, but it wiggled around a lot. So we ended up getting a big piece of cardboard to put inside the shirt. Besides helping with the bleeding problem, it gave us a good surface on which to draw.

Once I had the right kind of bleach on my shirt, the process went quickly. The black of my shirt bleached into this rusty color.

I've got one heart with a "D" in it for Dale. Another with a "J" for my girls. And of course, a heart on my sleeve. Here's the finished product:

As a bonus, I signed my "work of art" at the bottom.

OK, girls ... you're up!


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