Friday, January 22, 2016

Fall Garland

For this project, I combined two ideas I found on Pinterest. The first was a polka dot garland made in Fall colors. The second was a autumn leaf garland. The second came with a set of templates which I traced, then cut leaves from construction paper in fall colors.

Once all the pieces were made, I punched two hole in the "top" of each piece using an 1/8" hole punch.

Next I laid out the leaves and dots on the table, putting a dot between each leaf. I also was careful to keep from putting two of any one color side by side, and of not having two of the same kind of leaf adjacent to each other.

Once I was satisfied with the order, I threaded the dots and leaves onto some red and white striped baker's twine. I had enough garland to swag across the mantle

and across the windows in the same room. I was quite pleased with the outcome. It was one more thing to make our home festive for the Thanksgiving day celebration.



Dot garland inspired by
Mailbox Happiness

Leaf garland inspired by
A Beautiful Mess

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