Monday, December 28, 2015

Mystery Box Mobile

I tried to write this post once before, but the photos crashed the system. I finished this project on time for once. This post is just crazy late.

When we had the summer's mystery box, I wanted to do something unusual. I don't know how I finally decided on a mobile, but I'm glad I did.

Most everything needed for the mobile was in the box. I had to provide the wire and some straight pins. The wire was from the local dollar store.

The blue and green beaded things were from back in May when I put together my bouquet for my wedding. Each color came in a little bundle. They didn't end up working the bouquet, but they work fairly well here.

I used some standard tape to hold the candle in place. And the red dots on the felt are the heads of some straight pins.

The pompoms are attached with flat head straight pins. They're poking right into the Styrofoam circle, which is covered with the felt.

And the wire is completely unglamorous, as you can tell.

It's not outrageously practical or pretty, but I'm quite proud to have come up with the idea and managed to execute it.

We don't actually have space for to live in my house, so I'll be taking it apart now that I've written about it. It's the only AA craft I haven't kept in one piece.

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