Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mystery Box Challenge 4 - Holiday Time!

It's time for the final Mystery Box of the year! 

This time, all four of us Artists will have exactly the same items to work with ... all the same colors, rather than the usual hearts, spectrums, plants, and dots ... and rather than the usual purple, blue, green, and red.

Well ... still plenty of green and red.

The challenge this time is to create a bit of holiday cheer using as many of the Mystery Box items as you can. No one item needs to be the base, so if you aren't inspired by items in the box, find a different base and use the box items to decorate that base. As usual, you can add items from your stash and buy any extra items needed without spending more than $10.

In our home, we celebrate Christmas. But the decoration can be for any of the winter holidays. Here are the box contents:

Glitter tulle (Oh, you'll hate me for this one. The glitter gets everywhere!)

Batting. A cellophane cookie bag with Santas and trees.

Two lengths of strung sequins, one in red and the other in green

A selection of chenille stems (pipe cleaners)

Four sets of google eyes (in two sizes)

A selection of pompoms

An empty peanut can, an empty spool from a roll of Duck Tape (from one of our previous challenges). And a plastic triangle that was once used to protect the corner of a picture frame during shipping.

Quite the eclectic collection, eh? The challenge should be completed by the time your winter holiday rolls around.

Ready? Set. Go!

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