Wednesday, April 22, 2015

High In The Sky

I got this done by the deadline at the end of March. I really did. I'm just really, REALLY bad about making the blog posts. (There are at least two others I did last year that I never got around to posting, either.)

 It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with my basket and supplies. I had an idea forming slowly over a couple months, but nothing concrete. It wasn't until after Easter, when mom gave Jodie a hot-air balloon gift, that I came up with this idea.

I got the pretty blue and silver ribbons from the table decroations at my cousin's wedding (with permission, of course). The silver ones were just the perfect size to weave into the basket.

And inside? 

The origami flowers I made for our July 2014 AuralArtists' Challenge.

Out of the 9 items in the mystery box, I used 6 of them for my project.
- Wicker basket

- Glitter paper
- Tissue paper
- Party beads
- Gold ribbon
- Pipe cleaner

I had to buy some extra pipe cleaners and the balloons. The rest of it came from my craft stash.

Now all I need is some fishing line to hang it from the ceiling!

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