Monday, January 12, 2015

Holiday Wreath

Though we never managed to post the official December Challenge, it was to make a wreath. This is one of the two wreaths Jodie and I made over her winter break. 


On the night before Christmas ...

Jodie and I wanted to take a little something to the family gathering. We made some Chex Mix (no bagel chips and we use Pretzel Goldfish) and put it in a cute container (from the dollar store)

and some Five Minute Fudge (all milk chocolate and extra walnuts in our version), then decorated a gold plate (from the dollar store) with the edibles.

We added an LED color-changing candle (from the dollar store) to the center of the fudge.

Grabbed the glue dots 

and applied four little bits to the candle rim.

Then snugged the cute container of Chex Mix onto the candle.

But it looked a little plain and a whole lot out of balance - the shape of a lighthouse!

So we cut some small poinsettia silk flowers (also from the dollar store)

and tucked them into the sides and top of the fudge wreath. Then turned on the candle.

Ahh! Pretty!

Thanks to Jodie for taking all the photos.

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