Friday, January 16, 2015

2014 Gingerbread Challenge

This year for our group gingerbread challenge, we decided to make an entire gingerbread village. We each got to decorate our own cottages. Then the plan was to create a village square together. So here's my cottage.

The story, you ask? Well on Veteran's Day last November, Dale and I were finishing up our breakfast at the local diner when we got a phone call. From the police. (Yike!) Saying that a tree had just fallen through our roof. (Yikes!!) We got home to find the fire department waiting for us and, indeed, the top 20+ feet of a huge pine tree in our yard had snapped off and bulleted through our roof. I pretty much felt like this:

But when push comes to shove, what can you do but laugh at the foibles of life, and fix things up. So making a gingerbread cottage with a tree about to come down on the roof was one way of finding humor in the situation. The front of the house does look festive, doesn't it? I particularly like the little ribbon bow on the wreath.

The back

and sides were fairly plain. Just some gumdrop bushes and crystal-yellow sugar to light the windows. Not a single heart to be found!

Unfortunately, we only had one day together to work on our gingerbread village, so I was unable to get any more landscaping done. We had some grand plans to tie our cottages together with a Smarties cobblestone path. In the center of the village square we were going to have a giant tree. Then we planned to have some elves holding hand while encircling the tree.


click for a larger image

It looked really good in my mind! But with all the stress of getting our home put back together after the tree incident, I was too pooped to make the rest of my vision come to life. Besides, it's not nearly as much fun to work on the village when the rest of our artists are not with me.

Next year we plan to make a gingerbread train. Let's hope we don't have quite so much excitement before Gingerbread Day.

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