Saturday, August 30, 2014

For This Week...

Even though I didn't have paint chips, I made a special run to a paint department to collect some just for this project.

When I first saw paint chip projects, I loved this calendar idea:

I'm not sure if I love it because it's green or because it's so organized or if it's somehow related to the fact that I'm a Virgo (which theoretically means I love organization). What I can tell you is that I just love it. And I just moved, which means I could use it for the house calendar.

Sadly, my boyfriend and I determined neither of us uses calendars enough to justify the space this one would take up. When I saw a weekly calendar, we agreed we could use one that size.

Once I had a basic idea, I took it my own way. I bought a certificate display frame for something like $2. I already had the background paper. I made sure to select paint chip colors both Jeff and I would like. A bit of measuring, cutting, taping, and doodling and I made this:

It's behind glass so we can use white board markers to change the plans for the week. I used a Sharpie pen not marker (have you tried these? they're incredible and fun!) to write the abbreviations on the paint chips. I also used them for the doodle in the middle space. (You'll notice the doodle looks like vines with some of the ends having leaves.)

The week is an odd number of days, so I gave the bigger squares to the weekend since that's usually when we're busier.

I also got 8 heavy duty magnets from the hardware department for an additional $2. After double-sided tape failed to keep it all attached, I took Jeff's suggestion and hot glued them to the back. I used all the magnets (four piles of 2 magnets) to make the frame tall enough to actually stick to the fridge.

If it seems pertinent, we'll write the date on each paint chip to determine which Saturday we're looking at (today or next week).

Here it is, attached to the fridge.

I hope we'll use it. Jeff sometimes has plans he forgets to tell me about, so I'll be happy to have this as a reference point.

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