Sunday, August 24, 2014

By The Seashore

When I started, I didn't know what I wanted to do. I liked a couple of the ideas on the pintrest board, but wanted to do my own thing. This was the one that inspired me most.

This is pretty cool looking! Paint chip artwork

I decided on a green/teal color pallet for this project. I wanted a color I haven't worked with before, and these paint chips caught my eye went I started browsing.

I used pinking scissors (special craft scissors with a design on the edge, instead of a straight edge) to cut out all the paint chips first - 3 copies of 6 different samples, with four colors on each, for a total of 72 colored rectangles to work with. Then I had to decide what to do with them.

After a little trial-and-error, I ended up with the plan that I would use two of each color, and make sure the pair of them were on a diagonal from each other. I think that's what made it take so long, but I also think it made the final product look better than complete randomness would have.

The project took 5 hours from start to finish.

I wasn't sure if I actually really liked it as I was working, since it wasn't in the right shape the whole time. I only cut it down to the rectangle at the end.  And then, I was very happy with how it turned out :)

And, I still have a whole stack of samples left. I'm thinking I might do something else with them another day. A mobile, maybe?

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