Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Christmas Eye-Candy - Details, Details, Details!

You may have noticed, there were a few things finished on the first day that I hadn't talked about.  That's because both Julie and Jodie were, of course, also busy on their parts of the project while mom and I set the groundwork. 

Julie took charge of some house decorations, a snowball fight in the back yard, the gingerbread people, and the trees in the forest.

It was her idea to make a little window in the back, with one panel lit up from "inside".

She also had some fun adding to the snow fun in the back by making a little wall and some snowball piles.

Ah, yes, sisters playing in the snow together....

Mom had previously made some little "snowmen" that decided to be the participants in the snowball fight.

When she was not busy with that project, Julie was busy dressing up the gingerbread people that came with the kit.

The little rebels decided to take on hawaiian themed outfits, because of course that's what you wear in the middle of winter when you're a gingerbread person!

Her other last little project was putting together some paper trees, which had also been previously made, but came along to join the party, thus adding her personal "leaves"/nature touch.

Sometime in the middle of the day...

We ran out of frosting, and made a point of documenting the extremely interesting process of separating the eggs needed to make more.


Let's not forget about our last AuralArtists' member!  Jodie took on the responsibility and pleasure of turning the gingerbread trees into truly special pieces of artwork.

The finished products?

Now, there's a family story behind each of these trees...

The one on the left is covered in a fruit loop chain. This comes from one Christmas YEARS ago, back when we were all living in the same house. We spent one evening watching It's A Wonderful Life and making a garland from fruit loops.

It still graces the tree every Christmas, well over 10 years later.

The one on the right might seem a little abstract. And after you explain "it's elves and spiders", you will probably get some weird looks, until you tell them about this:

Mom makes ornaments for everyone every year. She's been doing this as long as I can remember. In two different years, she made elves and spiders. It's become a family tradition that when we decorate the tree, the elves and spiders HAVE to be hanging together in some kind of "story".

(In this case, the left guy is trying to catch the spider, the middle one is riding it, and the right two are playing Spider Volleyball. Also, you can see the legendary fruit loop chain back there.)

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