Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Christmas Eye-Candy - Architectural Plans

After I (Jeanne) caulked up the cracks in the house, Mom was in charge of decorating the roof.

She figured, frosted mini-wheats should do the trick!

This was followed by some fruity-loopy edging

She was especially pleased with the top of the roof.


I took command of the Gumdrop Bridge and Candycane Road.

Jodie had gotten the crushed candycane from a white elephant exchange, and was more than happy to donate it to our road.

The bridge was my AuralArtists' "rainbow" theme addition to the project.

Some mini candycanes formed the perfect fence to our road, as mom's "hearts" theme.


I was actually multi-tasking the whole time. As mom had to work on different sides of the house, we had to keep spinning the board around in circles. So, during the times I was looking at the backside of the setup, I went ahead and built a little igloo.

It didn't actually get completely finished until the next day, though.

By the end of Day One, we had completed the basic layout of our little plot of sugary goodness. 

On to Page 3 - Details, Details, Details!

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