Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Cooking Buddy

I spent Christmas Eve and day 2013 with my boyfriend's family. I was charmed when I saw my boyfriend's mom pull out a project that had clearly been around for a couple decades. It holds recipe cards!
As a children's librarian at heart, I had to get a picture of this project. It seemed like something I'd be able to replicate. I picked up the supplies for the project, waited until I used up cooking spray to keep the lid, and then realized I didn't know how to cut the dowel. Eventually I figured out a small-toothed hacksaw would work well.
I knew when I saw clothespins on the list for this month's project that I would wait to replicate the giraffe.
I have to say it was really fun to make. Hint: glue the clothespin to the dowel before you paint. And super glue works better at that point than hot glue.

 I love his googly eyes. He is SO cute! I made bigger brown spots on him too, to replicate a real giraffe. I also painted the inside of his ears a bit instead of leaving them blank.

I don't use recipe cards very often, so I'm not sure how often I'll use him. Maybe he'll find another use for him.


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