Sunday, March 16, 2014

Clippity Clip

A couple weeks ago, I had some fun with my mom pulling apart, gluing back together, and painting some clothespins.

First thing I did was pull the springs out of a couple clothespins and glue the two halves back together - one the normal way, and the other back-to-back.

First little guy I made was a kitty (of course)! I got my inspiration for it from this pintrest post.

The grandma was mom's idea. I'd taken the springs I'd removed earlier and stuck them together, and said it looked like a little bicycle. Mom said, "it looks like a walker for a grandma!" Along with regular size clothespins, she had also bought some tiny ones, and it was one of those that fit on my new "walker" perfectly.  

"Only you would think to use the springs as part of your project."  - Mom

The ballerina idea just came to me as I was looking at the shape of my last clothespin. Mom found some fabric older than I am for her dress. The flower came as an extra at the last second when I realized I'd gotten some orange paint on her from the still-wet cat tail.

"No one said they had to look like normal clothespins." - Jeanne

It was an extremely fun crafternoon. So fun, in fact, that I went back the next week and did another crafty project with her!  (More on that later ;) )


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