Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Paper Heart Wreath

I saw this wreath made of paper hearts over on Pinterest and was inspired to make my own.

Though I looked, I could not find any paper printed back to back with two designs I liked. So I started by buying some 12" x 12" scrapbook paper. I picked 4 different designs in a single colorway. Then I glued them together with spray adhesive. Next, I cut the papers into 2" strips.

I folded the strips in half to make the point of the hearts, bent the strips into a heart shape, and then just stapled the ends together (rather than gluing like the original). I then stapled the hearts together on the sides (again, instead of gluing), added a hanger, and voila! A quick, simple heart-shaped wreath.

 After hanging by my front door overnight ... :: sigh :: ... it stretched out into an oval shape with misshapen hearts.

So I grabbed my hot glue gun, the wreath form I used for the cupcake paper wreath, some floral ribbon, some floral pins and floral wire and went to work.

First I wrapped the wreath with the ribbon, pinning it in place with floral pins.
Then I hot glued the hearts onto the covered floral foam.

Finally, I fashioned a hanger from floral wire and pinned it in place with floral pins.

Ta Da! For now, my heart wreath hangs on the front porch near our cafe' table. I think it makes for a cute vignette. Soon, I'll replace it with my fall wreath and move the heart wreath into our guest room.


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