Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blue Buddies

I've known what I've wanted to do for this puppet challenge for a while. I'd found a pair of gloves in my closet that were a little too small for me, and immediately thought, "puppets!"

I've actually had all the materials I wanted for a few weeks now. I've just been hesitant to start because I had to get out my hot glue gun, and I wasn't quite sure what I wanted them to look like, and that intimidated me for some reason.

However! I finally just grabbed everything and went for it!

On the left hand, you have the girls.

(If you notice, I made one small deviation from my all-blue theme. The little girl on the pinky has a purple flower. I just had to use the flower, and there were no blue ones! We'll call it fair, though, since kids sometimes have trouble figuring out which color is which ;) )

And on the right, the boys.


I didn't do anything for the thumbs because I didn't want there to be two little people hanging out on the sides, lonely. :(

I got a couple hot glue burns along the way (nothing serious) , but they were fun to make!

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