Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gratitude Journal

For my January journal challenge, I decided to decorate the cover of my new Gratitude Journal. I began with a simple 6" x 8" brown notebook that I bought for $1.00 at a going out of business sale.

I gently removed the back cover. Because I wasn't going to be able to decorate around the comb binding, I colored the edge with a marker.

Next, I cut a piece of fusible web to size and ironed it onto the cardboard on the outside back cover. Then I cut a piece of fabric about a half inch larger on each side than than the cover. I pressed the edge next to the comb under. Then I fused the fabric to the fusible web.

I flipped the back cover over, then folded the fabric to the back. I used a glue stick to hold the edges in place.

Next, I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to size. I glued the center with a glue stick, and used double-sided tape to make sure the edges were secured. Then I used my roller to make sure everything was adhering well.

I replaced the back cover, removed the front cover, and colored the comb edge as before. Unfortunately, my photos for the next steps didn't come out. What I did was measure the finished stitchery, cut two strips of the red fabric, sewed the strips to the top and bottom of the stitchery, and adhered the stitchery to the front cover in much the same way as how I adhered the fabric to the back cover. 

The piece of scrap paper I had left was about 1/4" too short for the inside cover, so I had to improvise. After adhering the paper to the inside, I covered the edges (inside and outside) of the front cover with some grosgrain ribbon. Once the cover was finished, I put it back on the comb.

The heart is a piece that I stitched in February 2005 called Love and Roses by Just Nan. I really love everything about this little heart - the colors, the bling, the beads, and the pearls. Normally, I wouldn't finish needlework with glue. But since this has been waiting patiently for nine years to see the light of day, I thought I'd rather go for a finished item instead of worrying about it being an heirloom finish (no glue, all acid-free, etc.) 

I'm going to enjoy using this as my new Gratitude Journal for 2014.

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