Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jingle Bulbs

Is it a family of ornaments - or ornaments for the family?

For this holiday challenge, I dressed up some plain ol' plastic bulb ornaments using puff paint.
This project was so fun that I made one for each of us!

Of course I did polka dots for mine! I didn't have any red puff paint, so I used yellow instead.
I like how the polka dots are tight together on the top and bottom and stretch out toward this middle.

I did a holiday twist on Julie's nature theme by decorating her ornament with a Christmas tree --
complete with shiny lights and a star on top.

Since the ornaments started out silver, I chose blue and black to represent Jeanne's shades. The ornament reminded me of the night sky, which I know Jeanne loves very much, so I added in some constellations.

And Mom's ornament has some very happy cascading hearts!

I'll be sending Mom, Jeanne, and Julie their ornaments very soon. I'm excited to see how they look on their tree!

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