Sunday, May 13, 2012

Heart Cupcake Wreath

Another craft Jodie and I put together during her Spring Break was a wreath made of cupcake papers. Jodie made hers while she was at school. I liked it so much, I talked her into teaching me how to make one for our home. Here's a quick step-by-step.

We bought two packages of cupcake papers. I like this combination of polka dots and hearts. You turn the papers inside out so that the pretty design is on the inside of the cup.

Next you grab a floral wreath and a box of straight dressmaker's pins. Our wreath is about 12 inches, I think.

I then made an "O" of my thumb and forefinger on one hand, and pressed the cupcake paper into it with my other hand. This helps define the shape a bit better.

Then grab a pin, stick it through the center of the cupcake paper and into the wreath. We did an inside circle first, then a layer on the 'flat' surface, then a layer on the outside rim. I alternated the hearts with the polka dots and filled the wreath until it looked nice and fluffy.

Then I made a big bow out of some florist's ribbon that I had in my stash and hung the wreath by our front door.

It really is a fast, fun and pretty project -- made more fun because my daughter taught me how to create it.


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